I'd call it more greed than simple economics... If companies like KINO
can bring out obscure materials on DVD which cater to a small but very
dedicated clientele, then the major companies should be able to do the
same thing. 

I recall a story of their reissure of " Love Me Tonight" and how much a
fight it was to get the rights to legally reissue it. Whoever holds the
rights simply didn't want to be bothered to give KINO a license to issue
it. The copyright holder finally relented, but Kino probably won't go
after another Paramount title again because of the effort involved. 

Sound Familiar???     


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Hi Bob:

I think it's simple economics. Not enough market to justify production.
Some of that stuff might 
turn up online one day.

-- Tom Fine

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> Hi Tom,
> Titles which come to mind immediately are:
> ( Some of these may have slipped through my radar, but not many)
> Golden Dawn
> Whoopee !!
> Employees Entrance
> Skyscraper Souls
> Madam X
> Baby Face
> If I had my modest holdings available here in front of me, I could
> lenghten the list. I couldn't afford the technonogy when it was new,
> the prices commanded on Ebay now mean I can't afford it now
> ( with some exemptions) otherwise I'd have much more as I would have
> bought it when it was easily available .
> Many,many many significant( At least to me) early sound Warner
> Brothers, Paramount and MGM 1 and  2 reelers.
> Yes , all are very vintage late 1920's mid 1930's subjects . The
> transfers were done with first generation 35 mm materials,and not
from 4
> th and 5th generation 16mm dupes and reduction prints, in most
> I don't consider VHS to be an acceptable medium when the
> exists to have a superior one.Many if not all of these titles were
> available on VHS. Unfortunately , many people think that all early
> sounds and looks bad. This is usually because the quality of the
> they were watching was many generations removed from the orignal .
> Sure, the sound quality isn't Dolby SR, but it isn't the tubby,
> sound that exists on poor qualty 16 mm copies.
> Most of this material isn't for the masses of this day and age. The
> of laserdisc technonogy was during a period when people didn't find
> material boaring and inane, and why so much great early film found
> way to laserdisc.
> My 2 Bits...
> Bob
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> Hi Bob:
> I'm curious, what are some films that were out on LD but not on DVD?
> it all just Really Old Stuff
> or Really Obscure Stuff or are there more recent or famous gaps in
> DVD catalog?
> -- Tom Fine
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>> Darned right you should !!  Or sell it to me...In that order.
>> Especially since MANY motion picture titles which were originally
>> transferred to laserdisc haven't been transferred to DVD.
>> And probably never will be.
>> No, you should hold on to it. I wouldn't sell mine either.
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>> Should I save my Pioneer LD player?
>> -- 
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