Fortunately I *was* able to purchase a lot of the early talkies on
laserdisk, although I regret the many I didn't get. I now have to face
transferring all of these to DVD because I don't trust my LD player to last

Of the titles that Robert Hodge listed, I have Golden Dawn, Madam X (the
1928 version), and Whoopee!!, the final one being on VHS only. 

Whoopee!! is the best-preserved example of a 100% two-color Technicolor film
I've ever seen. Most of them have very limited color range, and after seeing
Whoopee! I'm now convinced that the phenomenon was due more to fading than
the deficiencies of only two colors. It definitely deserves DVD treatment.

Although Golden Dawn was shot in Technicolor, only a black and white print
is available. Nonetheless, I'm really thankful that I have it, since it's
truly a bizarre musical and exceptionally politically incorrect. The songs
are wonderful, and Noah Beery is one heckuva "heavy" in this picture.

In the end, though, economics *do* win out. In fact, I'm amazed at how much
good stuff appeared on Laserdisk, and, at the time, I sensed that this
golden era was going to vanish rather quickly. I wish I had been mistaken!


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> Hi Bob:
> I think it's simple economics. Not enough market to justify 
> production. Some of that stuff might turn up online one day.
> -- Tom Fine
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> > Hi Tom,
> >
> > Titles which come to mind immediately are:
> >
> > ( Some of these may have slipped through my radar, but not many)
> >
> > Golden Dawn
> > Whoopee !!
> > Employees Entrance
> > Skyscraper Souls
> > Madam X
> > Baby Face