It's Not ! 

And I for one would gladly purchase it if it were available on DVD.  I
borrowed the laserdisc sets from a friend and transferred the segments I
really wanted to Umatic 3/4 inch tape just to have  a viewing copy. 

Yes, Outstanding Quality as it wasn't just dubbed from junk source

Again , because those who hold the rights and cannot make tons of money
by granting license to those who would address a niche market
rather keep the material to themselves and everyone looses.    


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Have the two-box set collection of musical Vitaphone shorts and the 4 
cassette of paramount Hollywood Rhythm fully re-released on DVD? The
of both editions is astounding, and while I found some of them reissued
I do 
not think the full collection is available on DVD.

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> Erik Dix wrote:
>> One laserdisc set I can think off that will not be released on dvd 
>> anytime soon
>> is the Compleat Tex Avery 5 laserdisc set. Apparently Warner will
>> issue
>> them on dvd since some of the cartoons are considered offensive.
>> Erik
> Or how about the whole film? Disney's "Song of the South" was on a
> Japanese LD (English and Japanese audio on separate monaural
> Don't look for it on your DVD shelves from any legal source.
> Mike
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