Hi Frank:

A consumer receiver probably wants to see -10 level and consumer equipment probably only puts 
out -10 but you can experiment and see. If loud stuff sounds distorted, good chance the reciever 
input is overloaded and jumper down to -10. My card from BSW came jumped at -10 anyway. I was 
surprised because factory default used to be +4. So make sure it's really set at +4.

Glad to hear it all worked out. I think you'll dig it. Great piece of technology.

-- Tom Fine

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> On 12/26/06, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> The Digital Audio Labs site indicates the card's list price is now $399
>> instead of $525, as it was a
>> few years ago. But $270 is still the best price I've seen for it. I've
>> bought B-stock items from BSW
>> before and had no problems, for what it's worth.
>> I still think this is one of the best-sounding 2-channel interfaces out
>> there. This one will go in
>> my home office PC to replace the horrible on-motherboard Intel junko-sound
>> chip.
>> -- Tom Fine
> Hi Tom-As I mentioned to you, my order from BSW arrived very promptly.
> Yahoo-CardDeluxe is in and working!  Beautiful sound now emanates from my
> computer, runs over to the receiver, jumps out onto a little pair of Bose
> 301's, and zaps into my ears.  No chirps, chips, hum, hiss, etc.  It was a
> little complex because the new computer opens from a hatch on the left side,
> and there are four cooling fans, two of them blowing through a duct system
> that had to be removed to access the motherboard.  The motherboard had
> alternating slots, one kind of which the board did not fit into.(guess which
> one I used?)  Radio shack had the 1/4" TRS/RCA cable for inputting to the
> receiver.  I disabled motherboard sound in the Advanced tab in BIOS, and
> when I went to disable it in System, it wasn't there. I left the jumpers at
> default; should I change to -10db for use with my receiver?  Next big hurdle
> will be to send some analog signal into the card, and see what happens.
> Thanks for your suggestion and help. Am sitting here listening to Gayla
> Peevey sing my favorite Christmas carol.
> -- 
> Frank B Strauss, DMD