Aaron Z Snyder wrote:
> David Lennick wrote:
>> Meanwhile, Canada is finally getting TCM and AMC in February. 
> I hate to disappoint you Dave, but AMC became "American Movie Crap" several
> years ago. These "classics" are usually no more than 20 years old, and shot
> through with commercials. 

In fact I'd heard that some time ago..also that it had commercials, which 
actually makes it WORSE than Canada's "Moviepix" which celebrates all the great 
films made more than five years ago but no more than 30, and then tosses in the 
occasional "gem" like a slew of Tarzans or the odd Will Rogers.

At least TCM has maintained its integrity, as well
> as the integrity of the movies it shows for the most part. It was TCM who
> (which?) was kind enough to show the then-newly-rediscovered penultimate
> reel of Gold Diggers of Broadway, and I was fortunate enough to have my VCR
> going at the time. (The final reel, minus the final minute of image, was
> included in Volume 1 of "The Dawn of Sound.") Looks like we have only 9 more
> reels to go, although supposedly reel 1 has been found.

The $1 DVD guys ("Movie Classics", Solana Beach CA) had an arrangement with TCM 
at one point, which may be how they happened to get "Down Among the Z-Men" and 
"Smallest Show On Earth". They also put out a couple of discs of Van Buren 
cartoons, some of which have some decent jazz soundtracks..once the jazz 
collectors up here heard about them they started raiding WalMart and looking in 
all the corners and behind display units where those things usually got buried. 
($1 guys also put out a clean print of Little Shop of Horrors. Most of the 
other cheapo dvds are ghastly quality, like one I got of "Bucket of Blood" 
which was probably dubbed from someone's lo-fi mono VHS tape.)