Boy, do I remeber reliability problems.  I used two at the 1963-4 World's 
Fair which had logic issuses.  In other venues, they alsways seems about on 
a par with Ampex 440s- use if you must, but otherwise find one where the 
solonoids were better, the buttons always worked and the tape didn't 
suddenly decide to spill.

I think there were two ownerships.  The first made better machines than the 
second but, at this stage, I want nothing further to do with them.

Steven Smolian

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> At 9:27 AM -0500 12/7/06, Tom Fine wrote:
>>>I think another factor is that few Scully machines survived. I've never 
>>>used one so I can't comment on their reliability or durability. I've only 
>>>seen two working, and one of them is Steve's.
> Not very many were in service in the first place. I don't remember any 
> reliability problems.
> At Motown we had four 1" 8 tracks that were replaced by Ampex MM-1000s 
> within weeks of their installation. We also had the prototype that we used 
> for remotes and 4 pairs of mono and 1/4" 2 tracks that we continued using. 
> The Scully 8-track was THE machine to have for only a couple years and the 
> Scully 4 track only had its heyday .for maybe 3 years before that.
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