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My experience has been that DVDRs are far less reliable than CDRs. 
Lots of only playing on the drive that recorded it issues. (The 
computer industry may have inadvertently  created effective copy 

This has been my experience. However it is based on using generic consumer 
level systems. You must have quality components all along the line.

1) A good DVD burner up-to-date for the latest DVD types and formulations. 

2) Reliable software capable with an intelligible user interface.

3) Quality media designed for longevity and uniformity.

4) Some good testing software to verify and monitor the performance of the 

5) Storage conditions that will minimize the effects of aging on the media.

There has been a scattering of comments and suggestions in all of these areas 
over the years on this and other lists.

Perhaps someone or some institution could maintain a web site regularly 
updated with current state-of-the-art recommendations in each of the categories 
above. It is very hard for an individual to choose specific products when they 
aren't familiar with the markets or terminology for these applications.

We will need the same for HD-DVD, Blue-Ray, ...

Mike Csontos