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> Jerome Hartke wrote:
> >Quantitative test results are evaluated in accordance with the
> appropriate
> >ISO standard.
> >
> >How do you define "far less reliable"? This sounds rather qualitative.
> Around one in twenty have been bad. Sounds like this ISO standard is
> pretty misleading.
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Two comments:

1. Although your statement that a few discs are "bad" may be sincere, it is
not very quantitative. Your player could have problems, or all the discs may
be "bad" and one in twenty is just worse than the others.

2. I fail to understand how you can propose the ISO standard to be
misleading. It is the only quality benchmark that we have, as there are no
public standards for write and read drives.

ISO standards are very comprehensive, even specifying the characteristics of
the test drive. If a disc does not conform to the standards, then it is an
unacceptable disc even if it "plays" in one or a few drives. If a disc
conforms to the standards, then the drive is at fault upon a malfunction.

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