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Wow, that sure is a commentary on the fact that computers MAKE more work than 
they save! 50%? Where 
did you read/hear that? I find it a little hard to believe but the modern age 
is an endless vile 
stream of minutea, so perhaps we have doubled our total information heap 
since the dawn of the 
computer age. A modest suggestion -- history will likely prove out that a 
good portion of that 50% 
isn't worth saving.

-- Tom Fine

When I was growing up the only personal data that existed for most 
individuals was a social security number and perhaps a telephone listing. Now every 
vendor I deal with can instantly retrieve every transaction I've made and account 
financial records for years are retrievable online.

Soon your "file" will include every traffic light and scanner you've passed. 
Of course none of it is worth saving, but it will be!