Hi Charles:

Not disputing your facts at all. However, I find it curious that Mitsui would see such a need for 
cost-cutting. They are premium-priced and their premuim price and I'm assuimg premium-niche margins 
are directly related to provably superior quality. So why screw up the model? Corporate ineptitude? 
This would be like a premium watch company moving manufacturing to China, or Neumann closing down 
their German capsule-making operations and instead outsourcing to one of the Chinese factories. I 
can't see how a luxury-niche player can cut quality and survive. Much easier to raise prices if 
margin is under pressure. Who's Mitsui's competition in that niche since Kodak is out of the 

-- Tom Fine

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> Mike Richter writes:
>>I do not want to belabor this, but you do inspire a few more remarks -
>>which I hope will not be read as critical.
> No, I do not take offense.  However, I think that my earlier comments are
> being misinterpreted by some members of the list.  The manufacturing
> defects to which I refer are large fingerprints, smears, etc. that are
> visible to the eye on cursory inspection upon removal of a new disc from
> its shrink-wrapping. They may be more properly called "factory handling
> defects."  The discs that are not mishandled at the factory still record
> well and yield better-than-satisfactory error results in my Plextor drives.
>>Ascribing changes in processes and products to greed may be unfair.
> I don't think so in this case.  I have been informed by industry sources
> that Mitsui gold discs used to be made in Japan.  The manufacturing was
> moved overseas in a cost-saving move (hence the renamed "MAM-A" &
> "MAM-E").  This cost-cutting move has resulted in an inadvertent
> quality-cutting move, too, as far as my experience is concerned.  Mitsui
> Gold discs NEVER had fingerprints or foreign debris packaged with them
> when they were under that name and made in Japan.  I now ROUTINELY get
> gunk on the discs and in the jewel cases directly from the factory and the
> change occurred exactly when the discs went from "Mitsui Gold" to "MAM-A."
> Rarely do I see a correlation so direct.  Rarely do I get good forensic
> evidence, too, but I have actual fingerprints!  Time for "CSI: Mitsui."
> Have a great weekend everyone.
> --
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