I realise this isn't  exactly an archival procedure, but how about a
small piece of velcro on the booklet and the case ? Is there room ? 

A thought...


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>Is this what you're looking for?
>I've ordered from them before and have gotten good service.  The
>smallest quantity they offer is 10, but there is the "get a sample
>a penny!" option.  I've never tried that method, though, so I'm not
>sure how it works (that is, if you have to order other stuff from
>in order to get the sample).
>Trey Bunn
>Folklife Archivist
>Alabama Department of Archives and History
>Montgomery, AL

Almost...but there are no booklet retention tabs on the 'back cover'.
Technically, yes, these cases will accommodate a back booklet, but
there is nothing to keep that back booklet from falling out when you
open the back half of the case.

Still hoping...