I'm not sure that you'd want to make them any more pliable than they
already are due to the fact that the grove is an embossed one as
oppossed to being cut and it may well self erase. 

My 2 bits...

Bob Hodge

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--- Craig Breaden <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I'm trying to find resources on grooved dictabelt recordings
> (restoration
> and care, playback, etc.).  I'm looking specifically for
> information on
> restoring pliability to grooved dictabelts.

I use an older Dictaphone machine that has larger-diameter
mandrels than the newer ones.  I've found that running the
belt on the machine for an hour or so will help flatten
out any creases from the belt having been pressed flat.
The mailer sleeves that Dictaphone sold for the belts also
pressed them flat, so the company didn't seem to think that
flattening them would cause permanent damage.  The machine
I have has an Atstatic crystal pickup which has a line
level output that terminates in an RCA plug.  This makes
it very easy to connect to an audio board.  I've never
tried any kind of chemical on a belt to make it more
pliable as I've never (in my limited experience)
encountered one that I would consider stiffer than the
belts were when new.

David Breneman         [log in to unmask] 

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