Hello D. Blake Werts,

  There are sources that might help you, but you'd probably have to search 
for them. There might be on-line sources, but I don't know about them. Perhaps 
other members do and if so will respond. 

  A primary resource is Record Ratings, The Music Library Association's Index 
of Record Reviews by Kurtz Myers, edited by Richard S. Hill. I own the first 
volume, which goes through 1957 or so. I believe there were volumes for later 
years, but do not know for sure. Other members surely do. The book lists 
reviews in various publications by month and year, so it's good for generalized 

  The only other source I can think of, and a more accurate one, is the 
monthly Schwann catalogues. You might need need years and years of them to get the 
release dates you seek. Some dealers sell them however, and issues after the 
early sixties seem to be priced at about $5.00 maximum for each. 

  Don Tait