Hi Joel

If you have Bias Peak, you can script it to do various tasks & then  
run it in Batch mode.  Whether the specific set of steps you're  
looking for is realizeable in that fashion, I cannot guarantee.  If  
you are a Mac user, there is another avenue, most programs are  
scriptable through AppleScript or through Automator (the same thing  
really underneath).  I am quite sure you could get this done with a  
program like Bias & Applescript.  Once you have a script you can make  
it into an application & throw any number of files at it (i.e. drag &  
drop the files on the application icon).

All the best


On Dec 17, 2006, at 11:22 AM, Joel Bresler wrote:

> Dear friends:
> As long as we are talking about batch processes...
> I have about 8,000 MP3 songs at highest bit rate (320 kbps) that I  
> would like to convert to 92 kbps or so, and snip out a 30 to 60  
> second segment suitable for web use. I need a program that can  
> either edit MP3 natively or convert to an editable format, cut out  
> the segment, and convert the segment to 92 kbps. It would be ideal  
> if the program could also fade in and fade out, and let me pick a  
> standard start time (such as 30 seconds into the cut, rather than  
> at the very start which is often an introduction.)
> Has anyone done anything like this? I am wondering what the results  
> are, specifically whether human judgment is absolutely required in  
> selecting samples. It's just not practicable for me to do such a  
> selection on 8,000 songs, so I hope the answer is no!
> Any suggestions welcome.
> Best,
> Joel
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