Hi All:

OK, now here's the question at hand. There seem to be several programs out there that will let me 
connect up my iPod to second computer and dump its music library into that computer's iTunes 
library, rather than over-write the iPod with music from what's already on that computer. What I'd 
like to do is sync up the iTunes at both work and home with the iPod being the sync'ing medium. 
Santa arrived early here with an 80-gig iPod, which holds my entire tunes library, so I can carry it 
from the organized computer (at home) to the disorganized computer (at work) and what I'd like to do 
is make the work iTunes library identical to home, and further make it so I can rip from CD at 
either location and the pod would act like a PDA, keeping both libraries in sync.

Anyone else doing this? What are you using. All my computers are WindowsXP.

Thanks in advance and please feel free to ping me off-list if you think this is too far off-topic.

-- Tom Fine

PS -- I am impressed with the audio quality of this 80-gig iPod. I think Apple must have listened 
carefully to all the bitching about the Mini and the previous generation or two big pods and gone 
back to better audio hardware. The replaces an old second-gen 20-gig unit that I always liked 
sound-wise and I think this new one sounds better, both on earbuds and plugged into the line in on 
the computer.