Hi Don.  Thanks for the reply.  I'm happy to say that I've learned a good
handful of information with the post to the group.  In fact, I've learned
that the Myers Index is definitely something that I need to get my hands if you have any leads on a set (partial or otherwise), please do let
me know!

Thanks for the wishes of encouragement.  I do appreciate it--especially in
light of some of the "hesitant criticism" that I've gathered from some of
the others.  I will be asking a few more questions back to the group as I
narrow the focus/goals/etc....  right now I am still "feeling out" the
ideas--so if you have any requests/suggestions/etc... please send them on!

Much Appreciated!

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> Hi Blake,
>   I've been away from the list for a few days and have just seen your
> message. Apologies for my silence. Your message will be forwarded with
this, I hope.
>   Yes, the Kurtz Myers et cetera book(s) are devoted almost entirely to
> classical and operatic records. Perhaps entirely; there might be small
sections for
> ethnic music. But I confess that I haven't looked.
>   As an old discographical fanatic, I can only wish you encouragement and
> good luck.
>   Don Tait


> Thanks Don for the information--the "Record Ratings" publication is one
> I had not seen any reference to thus far.  I'll have to see if I can
> a copy in the area.  Can you tell me if this publication includes reviews
> for classical and operatic recordings?
> Thanks Much!
> D. Blake Werts
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> > Hello D. Blake Werts,
> >
> >   There are sources that might help you, but you'd probably have to
> > for them. There might be on-line sources, but I don't know about them.
> Perhaps
> > other members do and if so will respond.
> >
> >   A primary resource is Record Ratings, The Music Library Association's
> Index
> > of Record Reviews by Kurtz Myers, edited by Richard S. Hill. I own the
> first
> > volume, which goes through 1957 or so. I believe there were volumes for
> later
> > years, but do not know for sure. Other members surely do. The book lists
> > reviews in various publications by month and year, so it's good for
> generalized
> > dating.
> >
> >   The only other source I can think of, and a more accurate one, is the
> > monthly Schwann catalogues. You might need need years and years of them
> get the
> > release dates you seek. Some dealers sell them however, and issues after
> the
> > early sixties seem to be priced at about $5.00 maximum for each.
> >
> >   Don Tait
> >