Hi Peter:

I have a Marantz player that does them all, that I think they still make a version of, and a Toshiba 
player that is no longer made. The Marantz, which has a real SACD section (some of the lower cost 
SACD players apparently convert to PCM and then do D-A through one set of D-A electronics, based on 
reading not taking apart players) and sounds quite great for all formats. I think it cost me $550 
and listed for $750 a couple of years ago. The Toshiba was something like $200 and while it doesn't 
sound as good with SACD, it's got a great-sounding CD section, surprisingly great sounding.

SACD is a DOA format, so there are fewer non-esoteric players on the market now than a few years 
back. I would assume Sony and Philips/Marantz still make low- and mid-priced universal players but I 
think Toshiba and others not directly invested in SACD might have pretty much abandoned the format.

Here's a rundown from Amazon:
Looks like Sony and Philips/Marantz are still into SACD to stay and Pioneer and Denon are solidly 
there too.

Don C -- consider a DVD player to replace that one-disc CD player. Why?

1. better and more-format-supported D-A except vs. expensive, esoteric CD-only players.
2. better functionality in most cases (I'd stay away from low-end generic Chinese and Korean models 
because of user-hostile interfaces in most cases)
3. for basic playback of CD, no need to hook to TV, just insert and press play. Most players have 
play, skip and stop buttons right on the machine still, so no need to use the usually-overcomplex 
remote unless you want to. Plus, if you ever get into making DVD-Audio discs, these will play it 
back -- or make a DVD data disc full of MP3 and have days of background music.

Merry Christmas to all.

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Multi format DVD/CD/SACD, etc Player

> Apologies in advance if this feels off-topic, but I'm sure someone on this list will have an 
> answer (or many answers).
> A while ago the Pioneer DV-578A-S DVD Player was discussed on this list and I stashed away the 
> info on this very reasonably priced unit that appears able to play all the various formats that my 
> Denon unit (which cost at least 4 to 6 x the ca. $150 price of the Pioneer) does. Since I am now 
> starting to set up a room for viewing/listening use, I just decided that now is the time to grab 
> one of these players and it seems to have gone out of production. Does anyone have a lead on 
> something that might also play DVD Video  VCD  DVD-R  DVD-RW  DVD Audio  SACD  CD (Audio)  
> CD-R  CD-RW  Picture CD discs in addition to MP3  WMA  JPEG file formats and lists for less 
> than half a grand?
> Thanks in advance,
> Peter Hirsch