David,I'm sure you know what you are doing.You are asking to be inundated with boxes of unsaleable records,that somebody doesn't have the heart to throw out.There are a lot of us,here,who are either packrats,or have boxes and boxes of stuff we have tried to sell,with no success,and need to clear it out to make room.

 Roger Kulp

David Day <[log in to unmask]> wrote: Ours is a broad based music collection. We have mostly classical music
(major US and European labels), We also have all kinds of world, jazz,
mid-twentieth century US pop, and rock. We specialize in recordings of harp
and viola music. I would love to grow the diversity of the collection in all
categories of music. We are not as interested in non-musical recordings.

The collection is accessible to the public here in the library. We have only
recently begun to catalog the collections, but our library administration
has set a goal to have it all cataloged within 5 years. Unfortunately, we
have to rely heavily on student help for the cataloging, but there is lots
of good copy for most of the LPs.

We also have a very nice preservation lab including a full Cambridge CEDAR


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> Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Gargantuan, free classical 78s collection.
> Hi David:
> What types of music or content do you specialize in? Is yours a
> public-accessible collection?
> -- Tom Fine
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>> Hi, 
>> I am a newcomer to the list, though I have known some of you for years.
>> In following this thread I thought I might venture to chime in. We are still
>> actively collecting LPs and 78s here at BYU and would welcome contact with
>> anyone who is disposing of collections or otherwise trying to find a good
>> home for them. I responded to Leslie Gerber, but have not heard back from
>> her/him yet.
>> We now have a modest collection of about 100,000 LPs and 40,000 78s. We also
>> have about 1,100 cylinders and 2,200 Edison Diamond Disc as well as about
>> 10,000 non-commercial audio tapes. I would like to see our holdings double
>> if possible. "Generally" I am able to travel to collections, do the boxing
>> and arrange the shipping if necessary. Please keep us in mind if you are
>> aware of collections in need of a home.
>> David Day
>>> From: Roger and Allison Kulp 
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>>> Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Gargantuan, free classical 78s collection.
>>> Disposal is right.A few years ago,I got rid of my jazz collection.The better
>>> 78s,I had no problem selling on eBay.The stuff that was the next level
>>> down,I
>>> had to sell in bundles of 10-50 records,depending on artist.This left
>>> me,with
>>> a lot of common 78s I could not unload.Benny Goodman,Gene Krupa,and such.I
>>> was
>>> living in a university neighborhood at the time,and there was a community
>>> "freecycle" bin in an alley,next to a dumpster.I wheeled the records up,in a
>>> shopping cart,and left them there.The next day,the cart was still there,but
>>> the records had been smashed into thousands of pieces,and strewn all over
>>> the
>>> alley like confetti.So I feel your pain.
>>>                                  Roger Kulp
>>> [log in to unmask] wrote: In a message dated 11/29/2006 5:16:44 PM Eastern
>>> Standard Time, 
>>> [log in to unmask] writes:
>>>> Parnassus has unwittingly acquired a vast collection of 78s,
>>>> approximately 75,000 to 100,000. They are offered free for the
>>>> taking if someone will come to Saugerties, New York, remove any LPs
>>>> mixed in with the boxes s/he encounters, and take the remaining 78s
>>>> or pay for the disposal of unwanted items.
>>> OK, now you know as much as I do! If you are interested, I suggest
>>> you contact Leslie Gerber directly at:
>>>  Please do not contact me, BUT if
>>> anyone proceeds, do report back to the list on your adventures!
>>> Best,
>>> Joel
>>> ***********************
>>> I probably could not resist if they were in Western NY, justifying it mainly
>>> as a favor to the owner as an alternative to the cost of disposal of
>>> unwanted
>>> items. However I am already contemplating the disposal aspect of the records
>>> I
>>> have.
>>> I hope we hear what happens to them.
>>> Mike Csontos
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