An excerpt from "Pete and Dud" is avaliable on the "Legends of British Comedy" DVD,there is also a PAL tape called "Pete and Dud:Laughing Stock",which I am not aware of the contents of.

                                              Roger Kulp

Mike Richter <[log in to unmask]> wrote: Matt Sohn wrote:
>> One thing you'll never find on DVD or any other format is Pete & Dud. 
>> Other surprising goodies have shown up, like At Last The 1948 Show, 
>> but Dudley Moore told me in an interview that the Beeb, in its 
>> infinite idiocy, had erased all the "Not Only But Also" tapes. The 
>> salvaged soundtrack excerpts issued on Decca/London LPs is all that 
>> exists, as far as I know.
> There is, however, a DVD of the "1964 gala farewell performance" of 
> "Beyond the Fringe" featuring Pete & Dud as well as Jonathan Miller and 
> Alan Bennett.

It seems unlikely that the Goons' "Down among the X Men" will ever make 
it to DVD. On which topic, are there other shorts than the Muckinese 
Battle Horn? I've a decent tape of that and want more!

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