Jerry from Media Sciences writes:
>Mike is on target as usual. For details, see our white paper on causes of
>CD-R failure at
>Media Sciences, Inc.

For the record, it probably wasn't useful for Jerry to include my posting
in his response as I was offering no specific figures for MAM-A gold media
performance.  I was mostly commenting on the decline in quality control
over these products in the last couple of years.

MAM-A discs that are *not already damaged at the factory* still perform
well in my Plextor drives with the limited testing tools at my disposal. 
They also *seem* to be holding up well over time, in general.  (I take old
ones out and check them from time to time.)   However, my recent
experience with new discs indicates that extra care be utilized with these
media since the number of manufacturing defects is on the rise.

Apparently in the global marketplace we now all inhabit, no manufacturer
is going to stick with the same old successful procedures for long.  It
appears that short-term profit is taking precedence over long-term
reputation.  (Has anyone else out there ever read Alvin Toffler's _Future
Shock_?  What a prescient book...)


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