Mike Richter writes:
>I do not want to belabor this, but you do inspire a few more remarks - 
>which I hope will not be read as critical.

No, I do not take offense.  However, I think that my earlier comments are
being misinterpreted by some members of the list.  The manufacturing
defects to which I refer are large fingerprints, smears, etc. that are
visible to the eye on cursory inspection upon removal of a new disc from
its shrink-wrapping. They may be more properly called "factory handling
defects."  The discs that are not mishandled at the factory still record
well and yield better-than-satisfactory error results in my Plextor drives.

>Ascribing changes in processes and products to greed may be unfair.

I don't think so in this case.  I have been informed by industry sources
that Mitsui gold discs used to be made in Japan.  The manufacturing was
moved overseas in a cost-saving move (hence the renamed "MAM-A" &
"MAM-E").  This cost-cutting move has resulted in an inadvertent
quality-cutting move, too, as far as my experience is concerned.  Mitsui
Gold discs NEVER had fingerprints or foreign debris packaged with them
when they were under that name and made in Japan.  I now ROUTINELY get
gunk on the discs and in the jewel cases directly from the factory and the
change occurred exactly when the discs went from "Mitsui Gold" to "MAM-A."
 Rarely do I see a correlation so direct.  Rarely do I get good forensic
evidence, too, but I have actual fingerprints!  Time for "CSI: Mitsui."

Have a great weekend everyone.

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