When I have lived in older homes,my records have always gone into a basement,with a concrete floor.


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From: "Roger and Allison Kulp" 
> David,I'm sure you know what you are doing.You are asking to be inundated with
boxes of unsaleable records,that somebody doesn't have the heart to throw
out.There are a lot of us,here,who are either packrats,or have boxes and boxes
of stuff we have tried to sell,with no success,and need to clear it out to make
Well, for anyone who has a way to get unwanted 78's up here to Oshawa, Ont'o.,
Canada...I will usually gladly accept same!

However, 29 tons of classical 78's, probably including countless duplicate
discs, is a bit beyond my capabilities at this point (as well as the
structural capabilities of my c.1870 abode...)

Now, say, if you only have a ton or two (popular preferred...)...

Steven C. Barr

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