Frankly,I am aghast at either the laziness,or stupidity of some people.There have been price guides out there for about thirty five years,and now with this here "series of tubes" thingy, the internets,and all,you just need to do a simple Google,and you usually find out fairly soon.Both Sides Now is fairly accurate for the bigger labels,but not so hot for indies.There are numerous collector sites for budget classical of the 50s/early 60s,and for 50s/60s/70s rock,from all over the world,that have ridiculously complete discographical information,that I could never dream of putting together on my own.And there are new sites coming online all the time,like one I discovered recently for post-Shadows,pre-Beatles European/Asian guitar bands.Granted there are still some unknown private-issue Lps,mostly,classical,as well as stuff like "The Harlem Twisters"(Canadian),I have yet to find anything on,but there is very little of this.Sheesh

                             Roger Kulp

Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> wrote: Hi Blake:

I think the Schwann is as close as possible for what you're trying to do, unless you can acquire old 
sales catalogs, which I think would indicate exact release dates. I think you'd have difficulty 
finding those catalogs from back in ye dayes because there has been so much M&A activity in the 
record-company business. I notice CD reissues concentrate on recording dates -- and sometimes rely 
on less-than-reliable discography books. I'm not sure why the LP release date is important enough to 
go through the exercise of gathering the info.

-- Tom Fine

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "D. Blake Werts" 
Sent: Sunday, December 17, 2006 2:37 PM
Subject: [ARSCLIST] Dating LPs ?

> The scenario:  I've got a "few" Long Plays (LPs) and I would love to be able
> to ascertain an approximate "release date" for each as I am populating my
> collection database.  The approximations do not need to be of high
> precision--a range of 3 to 4 months would suffice.  Barring knowledge of the
> existence of an "Almost Complete 78 RPM Record Dating Guide" for LPs, I'm
> somewhat at a loss as to how I might be able to find such information.  For
> example, I would like to be able to take the label and catalog number of an
> LP like a favorite of mine, (Mercury MS90488 Rodrigo: Concierto Andaluz,
> Concierto de Aranjuez - Romeros), and be presented with the information I
> seek.
> Question 1: does any such general resource exist (in print or electronic)?
> or currently being created?
> Question 2 [and probably the REAL question of this post]: would anyone else
> be interested in such a resource (other collectors, libraries, institutions,
> etc.)?
> I'm asking these questions because I am considering beginning such a project
> and would like to hear your thoughts.  I know that there are lots of details
> to work through--first trying to see if there would be a need/use for such
> effort.
> Thanks Much for your Time,
> D. Blake Werts

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