As a serious classical record collector,of over sixteen years,who came in after there were no more new classical records,and had learned a lot,I find it very difficult to beleve you have not seen any of the large volume of discographical information that is out there,both in print,and online.Assuming someone knows absolutely zero about this stuff,I would suggest you start with  The Canfield Guide to Classical Records.For Living Stereo,we have "The RCA Bible",for early stereo we have "The Audiophile Record Collector's Handbook"by Phil Reese,for early Decca/London stereo,we have an out of print book called "Full Frequency Stereophonic Sound".Mainspring Press has published several very well researched books on opera,and Victor Red Seal 78s.These are indespensible,I have two of them.There have been a couple of very good discographies of EMI classical and opera 78s,which I never bought.

But what are most helpful are the websites.There was,at one time,a couple of very good sites devoted to Supraphon,and RCA Camden classical,but these are no more.

There are quite a lot of insanely complete,single artists websites,by fans,and collectors.The ones that deal with Soviet/East German artists,have been very helpful in identification,of these type of records for me.The sites I have bookmarked are:
Remington Records
David Oistrakh
Franz Konwitschny
Jascha Horenstein
Serge Koussevitzky
Sviastoslav Richter
Wilhelm Furtwangler
Malcom Arnold
Yehudi Menhuin
Yevgeni Mravinsky
Leopold Stokowski - Good,but does not give release dates
Arturo Toscanini

There is another very good site,that lists several people,but I have lost the list.This should be a good start.

                                Roger Kulp

"Steven C. Barr(x)" <[log in to unmask]> wrote: ----- Original Message ----- 
From: "D. Blake Werts" 
> Thanks Don...
> Not that I'm defending the response that was provided, I did neglect to note
> in my original post that I am specifically speaking in terms of Classical
> and Operatic recordings.  [And a couple of _years_ of doing "Google
> searches" hasn't provided links to public sites with the information that I
> seek.
In fact, there has been (AFAIK) very little discographic work
relating to classical recordings of ANY sort! While I found all
sorts of discographies for pre-WWII popular music on record
(mostly thanks to Brian Rust, of course...)...I found little
or nothing in the way of equivalents for classical records of
that limited period!

Schwann does provide coverage for classical LP albums and sets
thereof, though...

Steven C. Barr

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