There is a complete (?) discography of the Silvertone record club on the web: ,but it gives very little info,other than a listing.It doesn't even list the artists.
I would like further information about just how these records came about myself.For starters,what is the year on these records ? I have heard they are from around 1946.Is this correct ?Milstein had already recorded for Columbia,so these were of dubious legality.I am assuming the "Chicago Philharmonic" is the CSO,in a similar situation to that of "The Stadium Symphony Orchestra"at Everest,perhaps our friend Don Tait can enlighten us further ?The Leinsdorfs are not listed in most Leinsdorf discographies,either. 

Some of the Leinsdorf,and Enesco sides,were compiled onto a budget Lp,issued by the Hollywood label,in1956,which I have.

I haven't thought about this label much,as I have not seen them that frequently.I believe I own two,a Leinsdorf,and a Milstein.

                             Roger Kulp

 In trying to learn more about these records,I found this Nathan Milstein discograpy :

"Russell W. Miller" <[log in to unmask]> wrote: As we have some Mercury expertise here, who knows the real story of
Silvertone Record Club, and what involvement Mercury or its principals might
have had?  Is there any documentation of session dates/locations,
particularly the Enescu and Leinsdorf records?  I have a Sears catalog from
1946 (Summer, as I recall) that doesn't list any records, but surely they
must have come along soon after.


Steven Smolian wrote:

> As time and generations pass, a resource identifying first label of issue
> and relese dates will be come increasingly necessary.   There is
> a forty to
> fifty year accumulation of LPs.  Since swe are all part of the generation
> for whom they are a daily experience, we assume everyone knows and those
> that follow will always know the lore relating to them.  But 50
> years from
> know, who will remember if the Mercury, Golden Import or World Series
> release came first, perhaps had tube processing sound and was pressed on
> quite material?  I'm already running into this with the small mono
> companies.  And where did all tjose Mercury monos in the brown or green
> covers come from?  Some came from U.S. Silvertones (the Enesco conducting
> sides).  Are the performer names real on them? (not always.)
> Now is the time to sum up.
> Kurtz Myers "Index to Record Reviews" include his untanglings.
> The "Record
> Ratings" short version cover util c. 1956 (though it says later).  The
> latter is around for c. $ 25, the former, 4 volumes at $ 500, the
> supplements $ 100-200 per volume.  Or less, if you're lucky.  It covers
> mostly classical releases.

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