Hi All -- 

There is a puzzling lack of information on the web about Scully
professional tape recorders. After over a decade of hoping someone would
do something about this, I finally resigned myself that it I would have
to be the one to make the effort. So, after some consideration, I have
started a Scully Recorder discussion group on Yahoo.

It is my hope that the archives of group discussion as well as photos,
documents, manuals and other images and data provided by group members
will eventually provide a decent knowledge base of a wide range of
Scully-related info.

I would like to invite other members of this List to join this
discussion group if you think you'd be interested in discussing the
history, use, maintenance and/or operation of Scully machines with other
interested people.

I think we're all very busy and as list moderator, I promise that I will
allow only postings which are courteous and relevant to the list

To join the group, just go to:

... and click on the "Join This Group" button in the right hand corner.

Hope to see you there!

Best regards,

-- Steve

Steve Puntolillo
Sonicraft A2DX Lab - Ultimate A_nalog 2 D_igital X_fers