I am curious what the experts on this list have to say about the
information in the following link which rates discs.  It places MAM-A
and archival discs in the "sham" category.

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On 11/1/06, Charles Lawson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Tom Fine wrote:
> >I've never seen a fingerprint on any of the hundreds of Mitsui/MAM
> >discs I've burned for myself
> >and clients. Neither have I ever had a failure or returned disc.
> That used to be my experience, too...until the change in
> As I said before, the average is about 1 out of 25 (I've been buying
> discs in 25-count cartons).
> Best of luck to everyone else...

I just looked at all the discs in a  recently purchased 25 count carton,
all were pristine.  The cd cases are marked  "Made in USA or France."

Frank B Strauss, DMD