My understanding was the former to allow for one pass digitizing of
stereo 1/4 track 1/4" tape, or similar bi-directionally recorded

I own the newest version of Sound Forge, but I've never tried batch
reversal, only sample rates and the like. Let me try it and see... If
'John is dead..'

Scott Phillips

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> Newest Sony Soundforge will do batches, too. I don't have it but I 
> think the
manual is online. I
> know it will do batch sample-rate-conversion, do not know about
Does this thread relate to playing sound files backwards (which might be
needed if one played a four-track tape on a commercial stereo deck...?)
...or playing it forward but "upside down" (i.e. inverting the wave form
and playing THAT...?!)

Steven C. Barr
(Note that if the former is true, it should be able to settle a number
of controversies per "secret messages" on Beatles LP's...)