FEDLINK Announces Direct Express for FY2007
More than 60 online services vendors participate in FEDLINK’s Direct Express program.  Under this streamlined purchasing process, products and service offerings are as comprehensive as always—electronic database publications, document delivery  services, associated print publications and specialized access options.  Similar to making a purchase using the GSA schedule, FEDLINK customers can place orders directly with online services vendors via the Direct Express option.
With Direct Express, customers simply cite the FEDLINK contract number on their agency’s purchase order and send it straight to the vendor. No synopsis nor further competition is required on purchases over $25,000 as the FEDLINK IDIQ establishes the vendors as sole source for their individual products and services.  When comparing two vendors with similar databases, customers may want to compare prices or choose a vendor based upon their interface.
For a complete list of participating vendors and other details, point your browser to FEDLINK Information Alert IA-0702 at http://www.loc.gov/flicc/ia/2007/ia0703.pdf

The vendor receives the purchase order, sets up the customer’s account and promptly issues passwords and/or authorization numbers. The vendor will then invoice the FEDLINK customer directly against their agency’s purchase order. The customer’s agency finance office pays the invoice (and any interest penalties) and reports disbursements to the customer.
The vendor pays the FEDLINK fee based on the volume of quarterly sales of Direct Express customers. Direct Express customers are responsible for initiating the purchase, managing delivery of the products and services, and paying invoices.
For questions on Direct Express, contact FEDLINK Network Operations by phone at (202) 707-4848 or by email to [log in to unmask]. For assistance with your current accounts, please call the FEDLINK Fiscal Hotline at (202) 707-4900.