Proving Ground for Information Achitecture & Taxonomy
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Monday, January 29, - Wednesday, January 31, 2007
9:30 a.m. 4:00 p.m.
at the The Library of Congress, Madison Building, Mumford Room, 6th Floor
101 Independence Avenue, S.E., Washington, DC
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This three-day results-oriented workshop is an intensive consultative education session with senior Delphi Information Architecture and Taxonomy faculty for those serious about sustainable Information Architecture and working on
-designing and developing a structure and navigation strategy for federal information and portals
- developing a taxonomy and deciding on process-based versus context-based approaches
- creating a business plan to show how taxonomy supports discovery and collaboration.
The nature of the Proving Ground accelerates learning sets information architecture and taxonomy goals. Each day offers practical application of new concepts and techniques through writing, diagramming, categorizing, classifying and experimenting excercises. Feedback and perspectives provide insight and consensus on organizing and managing content structure, constructing navigation paths and assisting retrieval. Topics include
Information Architecture Strategy
- Defining the Role of the Information Architect
- Selecting and Applying Relevant Standards
- Understanding Core Technologies
- Evaluating Content Management Approaches
- Positioning Search, Thesaurus, Ontologyand Taxonomy
Design Approaches
- Bridging Strategy and Design
- Conducting User Research
- Developing Customized Taxonomies
- Designing Work Group and Enterprise Metadata Schemas
- Separating Taxonomy Structure from its Front-end
- Diagnosing Common Interface Design Failures
- Designing for Ensured Scalability and Portability
- Developing Usability, Navigation Efficiency, Precision and Recall
- Integration of Thesaurus, Ontology, Taxonomy, Personalization, Search and Directories in Your Solution
- Ongoing Architecture Administration Roles and Responsibilities
- Taxonomy Evolution and Migration Strategies
- Five Taxonomy Infrastructures