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WK 100 B687m 1989

Molecular endocrinology / Franklyn F. Bolander.

WK 100 C976 1994

Current therapy in endocrinology and metabolism / [edited by] C. Wayne Bardin.

WK 100 E536 1995

Endocrinology and metabolism / editors, Philip Felig, John D. Baxter, Lawrence A. Frohman.

WK 100 E56s 1993

Syllabus / the Endocrine Society 45th Postgraduate Assembly, San Francisco, CA, November 14-17, 1993.

WK 100 H131e 1992

Endocrinology / Mac E. Hadley.

WK 100 H236 1992

Handbook of clinical endocrinology / [Edited by] Paul A. Fitzgerald.

WK 102 N842h 1987

Hormones / Anthony W. Norman, Gerald Litwack.

WK 102 P536 1987

Pharmacology and clinical uses of inhibitors of hormone secretion and action / edited by B.J.A. Furr and A.E. Wakeling.

WK 140 D536 1996

Diagnostic endocrinology / [edited by] W. Tabb Moore, Richard C. Eastman.

WK 17 K92d 1984

Diabetic eye disease : an illustrated guide to diagnosis and management / Erna E. Kritzinger and Kenneth G. Taylor.

WK 170 G2544 1987

Gastrointestinal endocrinology / edited by James C. Thompson ... [et al.].

WK 18 C797 1993

Core curriculum for diabetes education/ Virginia Peragallo- Dittko, editor ; Kathryn Godley, Julie Meyer, associate editors.

WK 200 C469t 1985

Thyroid eye disease / Devron H. Char ; with illustrations by Joan C. Weddell.

WK 200 T5466 1993

Thyroid diseases : basic science, pathology, clinical and laboratory diagnoses / edited by Luigi Troncone ... [et al.].

WK 280 S961 1991

Surgery of the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

WK 39 E55 1994

Endocrine and metabolic testing manual / edited by Robert F. Dons.

WK 39 H434 1995

Health professional's guide to diabetes and exercise / editors, Neil Ruderman, John T. Devlin.

WK 550 G8838 1987

Growth abnormalities / edited by Raymond L. Hintz, Ron G. Rosenfeld.

WK 585 P963 1986

Prolactinomas / edited by Jerrold M. Olefsky, Richard J. Robbins.

WK 810 C6408 1982

Clinical diabetes mellitus / [edited by] George P. Kozak.

WK 810 D535 1990

Diabetes annual / edited by K.G.M.M. Alberti, L.P. Krall. v. 5

WK 810 H2353 1992

Handbook of diabetes / edited by Gareth Williams and John C. Pickup.

WK 810 I6035a 1982

Advances in diabetes epidemiology : proceedings of the International Symposium on the Advances in Diabetes Epidemiology, held in Abbaye de Fontevraud (France), 3-7 May, 1982 / sponsored by the Institut national de la santeL_ et de la recherche meL_dicale,

WK 815 D5354 1995

Diabetes education goals / Stuart Brink ...[et al.].

WK 818 M482 1987

Meal planning approaches in the nutrition management of the person with diabetes / Diabetes Care and Education Practice Group, the American Dietetic Association.

WK 819 F837f 1990

Fast food facts : nutritive and exchange values for fast-food restaurants / Marion J. Franz.

WK 835 D5350 1995

Diabetic foot / edited by John E. McDermott ; contributors, Stephen F. Conti ... [et al.].

WK 835 I618e 1986

Early vascular complications in children with diabetes mellitus : proceedings of an International Workshop on Diabetic Angiopathy in Children, Berlin, September 25-26, 1986 / volume editor, B. Weber.

WK 835 O49d 1993

Diabetic retinopathy : practical management / R. Joseph Olk, Carol M. Lee.

WK 835 S628 1986

Skin in diabetes / edited by J.E. Jelinek.

WK 835 S961 1991

Surgical management of the diabetic patient / editors, Michael Bergman, Gregorio A. Sicard.