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Subject: CONSER standard record

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Draft documentation related to the CONSER standard record is available
at the following site:

Comments on the drafts are due by January 29, 2007.  More information
about submitting comments is given at the end of this message (the
remainder of this message is the Introduction to the CONSER standard
record as given in the documentation on the site).

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The Policy Committee of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) has
endorsed the recommendations of the final reports submitted by the
Access Level Record for Serials Working Group and the Working Group on
Authentication Codes and Encoding Levels for Serials and Integrating

The implementation of the CONSER standard record will occur in two
stages.  The date for the first stage has been set for February 1, 2007.
Implemented at that time will be changes from AACR2 supported by policy
decisions recorded in the drafts of Library of Congress Rule
Interpretations posted on this site; also implemented then will be a
change in LC/PCC policy to supply conflict-breaking uniform titles in
only some situations.

(The second stage of the implementation is scheduled for May or June of

The goal is to provide in an effective and timely manner a record that
consistently ensures identification of and access to a serial title. To
that end, the Working Group defined the set of required elements needed
in every CONSER standard record. All other elements are optional, but
not precluded, and can be added as needed based on cataloger's judgment.

The new CONSER documentation posted on this site supports the CONSER
standard record. The new and revised LCRIs support the policy decisions
allowing different practices from those in AACR2 rules.

The deadline for comments on the draft versions of the CONSER
documentation and of the LCRIs is January 29, 2007. Send comments on the
CONSER documentation to Diane Boehr ([log in to unmask]) and Regina
Reynolds ([log in to unmask]); send comments on the LCRIs to [log in to unmask]
These comments should relate to the clarity of the wording of the
documents, not to decisions related to the adoption of the CONSER
standard record.

Judith A. Kuhagen
Senior Descriptive Cataloging Policy Specialist
Cataloging Policy & Support Office
Library of Congress
Washington, D.C.  20540-4305
202-707-6629 (fax)
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