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WP 100 K625 1990
Kistner's gynecology : principles and practice. 
WP 100 W742o 1987
Obstetrics and gynecology / J. Robert Willson, Elsie Reid Carrington. 
WP 140 G9971 1988
Gynecologist and the older patient / edited by James L. Breen. 
WP 140 L473i 1986
Infection in the female / William J. Ledger. 
WP 140 M744i 1982
Infectious diseases in obstetrics and gynecology / Gilles R.G. Monif ;
with 19 additional contributors. 
WP 140 O32 1993
Office gynecology / edited by Robert H. Glass. 
WP 140 O322 1993
Office gynecology : advanced management concepts / John V. Knaus, John
H. Isaacs, [editors]. 
WP 141 L1235 1994
Laboratory testing in ob/gyn / edited by Gerald D. Willett. 
WP 145 F329 1988
Female genital cancer / [edited by] S.B. Gusberg, Hugh M. Shingleton,
Gunter Deppe. 
WP 17 B144d 1989
Diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy : a text and atlas / Michael S.
Baggish, Jacques Barbot, Rafael F. Valle. 
WP 17 H477a 1992
Atlas of gynecologic histopathology : a concise review / Debra S.
Heller, Martin L. Stone ; foreword by Ralph M. Richart. 
WP 17 M381a 1988
Atlas of mammography : histologic and mammographic correlations / John
E. Martin. 
WP 17 P971a 1994
Atlas of mammographic positioning / Lucinda K. Prue. 
WP 200 V993 1990
Vulvovaginal infections : current concepts in diagnosis and therapy /
Jack D. Sobel, editor. 
WP 255 V126 1980
Vaginitis and related problems : proceedings of a symposium / sponsored
by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Arkansas
for Medical Sciences ; [editor and symposium chairman, Ralph M. Wynn]. 
WP 300 P323f 1974
Fallopian tube: a reappraisal [by] Carl J. Pauerstein. 
WP 322 N277n 1994
NIH Consensus Development Conference on Ovarian Cancer : Screening,
Treatment, and Followup / sponsored by the Office of Medical
Applications of Research and the National Cancer Institute of the
National Institutes of Health ; CME sponsorship by National 
WP 505 G997 1987
Gynecologic endocrinology / edited by Jay J. Gold and John B.
WP 560 D152pa 1977
Premenstrual syndrome and progesterone therapy / Katharina Dalton. 
WP 560 P9237 1985
Premenstrual syndrome : current findings and future directions / edited
by Howard J. Osofsky, Susan J. Blumenthal. 
WP 570 D294 1988
Decision making in infertility / [edited by] Alan H. DeCherney ... [et
WP 570 G633m 1983
Microsurgery in female infertility / Victor Gomel. 
WP 580 T784 1994
Treatment of the postmenopausal woman : basic and clinical aspects /
editor, Rogerio A. Lobo. 
WP 650 C976 1994
Current therapy in obstetrics and gynecology 4/ [edited by] Frederick P.
Zuspan, Edward J. Quilligan. 
WP 660 B878f 1982
Female sterilization, an overview with emphasis on the vaginal route and
the organization of a sterilization program / Herbert P. Brown, Stephan
N. Schanzer. 
WP 815 F329 1990
Female breast and its disorders / edited by George W. Mitchell, Jr.,
Lawrence W. Bassett. 
WP 815 H693r 1977
Mammography : technique, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, results / by
W. Hoeffken and M. Lanyi, with contributions by H. Gajewski ... [et
WP 815 H766m 1991
Mammographic interpretation : a practical approach / Marc J. Homer ;
foreword by Edward A. Sickles. 
WP 815 Q1 1994
Quality determinants of mammography / Quality Determinants of
Mammography Guideline Panel ; Lawrence W. Bassett, R. Edward Hendrick
(co-chairs) ... [et al.]. v. 1
WP 825 L1505 1983
Lactation, physiology, nutrition, and breast-feeding / edited by
Margaret C. Neville and Marianne R. Neifert. 
WP 840 B8283 1991
Breast diseases / edited by Jay R. Harris ... [et al.] ; 69
WP 840 C764 1988
Controversies in breast disease : diagnosis and management / edited by
Sharon Grundfest-Broniatowski, Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. 
WP 840 H113d 1986
Diseases of the breast / C.D. Haagensen. 
WP 840 T355 1992
Textbook of breast disease / edited by John H. Isaacs. 
WP 870 B8235 1987
Breast cancer : diagnosis & treatment / [edited by] Irving M. Ariel,
Joseph B. Cleary. 
WP 870 B8281 1994
Breast cancer in younger women : proceedings of a conference held at the
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, January 28, 1993 /
sponsors, National Cancer Institute; Office of Research on Women's
Health, National Institutes of Health; Nation
WP 870 C2155 1995
Cancer of the breast / [edited by] William L. Donegan, John S. Spratt. 
WP 870 H542 1995
Hereditary breast, ovarian, and colon cancer : proceedings of a workshop
held at the Sheraton Washington Hotel, Washington, D.C., April 27-29,
1994 / sponsors, National Cancer Institute, National Center for Human
Genome Research ; scientific editors, Ruth
WP 870 L831b 1994
Breast cancer : a practical guide to diagnosis / Wende Logan-Young and
Nancy Yanes Hoffman. 
WP 870 T7846 1993
Treatment of pre-cancerous lesions and early breast cancer / edited by
Irving M. Ariel, Anthony C. Cahan. 
WA 309 C976 1994
Current issues in women's health. 
WA 309 P652 1995
Primary care of women / editors, Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A.
Eisenstat ; associate editors, Fredric D. Frigoletto, Jr., Isaac Schiff.

WA 309 P652 1995
Primary care of women / editors, Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A.
Eisenstat ; associate editors, Fredric D. Frigoletto, Jr., Isaac Schiff.

WA 309 W8748 1995
Women's primary health care : protocols for practice / [edited by
Winifred L. Star, Lisa L. Lommel, Maureen T. Shannon]. 
WA 310 M345 1987
Marketing women's health care / Ruthie H. Dearing ... [et al.]. 	
WQ 100 C6412 1987
Clinical obstetrics / edited by Carl J. Pauerstein. 
WQ 100 D924f 1992
Fundamentals of gynecology and obstetrics / [Dale Russell Dunnihoo ;
illustrations by Daniel Clement. 
WQ 100 P132h 1981
Human reproduction, essentials of reproductive and perinatal medicine /
Ernest W. Page, Claude A. Villee, Dorothy B. Villee. 
WQ 100 R359 1983
Reid's Controversy in obstetrics and gynecology--III / [edited by]
Frederick P. Zuspan, C.D. Christian. 
WQ 100 W988o 1992
Obstetrics and gynecology : the clinical core / Ralph M. Wynn, with the
assistance of Francis W. Byrn ... [et al.]. 
WQ 175 C389p 1988
Preconceptional health promotion : a practical guide / Robert C. Cefalo,
Merry-K. Moos. 
WQ 175 M489 1988
Medical counseling before pregnancy / edited by Dorothy Reycroft
Hollingsworth, Robert Resnik. 
WQ 18 S333m 1992
More exercise in fetal monitoring / Barry S. Schifrin. 
WQ 200 C641 1980
Clinical physiology in obstetrics / edited by Frank Hytten and Geoffrey
Chamberlain ; foreword by Sir John Dewhurst. 
WQ 200 E55 1983
Endocrinology of pregnancy / edited by Fritz Fuchs, Arnold Klopper, with
15 contributors. 
WQ 202 C719 1992
Color doppler imaging in obstetrics and gynecology / editors, Richard
Jaffe, Steven L. Warsof. 
WQ 205 B628m 1992
Maternal, fetal, and neonatal physiology : a clinical perspective /
Susan Tucker Blackburn, Donna Lee Loper. 
WQ 205 M425 1994
Maternal-fetal endocrinology / Dan Tulchinsky, A. Brian Little
WQ 205 O15 1993
Occupational and environmental reproductive hazards : a guide for
clinicians / edited by Maureen Paul ; illustrated by Peter Rosenblatt. 
WQ 205 R4287 1991
Reproductive endocrinology : physiology, pathophysiology, and clinical
management / [edited by] Samuel S.C. Yen, Robert B. Jaffe. 
WQ 205 T3556 1993
Textbook of reproductive medicine / edited by Bruce R. Carr, Richard E.
WQ 209 E78 1993
Essentials of prenatal diagnosis / edited by Joe Leigh Simpson, Sherman
WQ 209 R322f 1994
Fundamentals of obstetric & gynecologic ultrasound / E. Albert Reece,
Israel Goldstein, John C. Hobbins. 
WQ 209 R425 1992
Reproductive risks and prenatal diagnosis / edited by Mark I. Evans. 
WQ 210 E84 1987
Ethical issues at the outset of life / edited by William B. Weil, Jr.,
Martin Benjamin. 
WQ 210 P4412 1981
Perinatal diseases / by 14 authors ; edited by Richard L. Naeye, John M.
Kissane, and Nathan Kaufman. 
WQ 210 P445 1977
Perinatal intensive care / edited by Silvio Aladjem, Audrey K. Brown. 
WQ 210.5 F855f 1981
Fetal heart rate monitoring / Roger K. Freeman, Thomas J. Garite. 
WQ 211 I62 1995
Invasive fetal testing and treatment / edited by Christopher R. Harman. 
WQ 211 T355 1991
Textbook of fetal and perinatal pathology / edited by Jonathan S.
Wigglesworth and Don B. Singer. v. 1 
WQ 211 T355 1991
Textbook of fetal and perinatal pathology / edited by Jonathan S.
Wigglesworth and Don B. Singer. v. 2 
WQ 240 A696h 1984
High-risk pregnancy and delivery / Fernando Arias. 
WQ 240 C377s 1977
Septic shock in obstetrics and gynecology / Denis Cavanagh, Papineni S.
Rao, Manuel R. Comas. 
WQ 240 C934 1983
Critical care of the obstetric patient / edited by Richard L. Berkowitz.

WQ 252 B655 1986
Blood disorders in pregnancy / Russell K. Laros, Jr., editor. 
WQ 33 AA1 L676o 1986
Ob/gyn malpractice / Scott M. Lewis. 
WQ 39 C641 1993
Clinical manual of obstetrics / editors, David C. Shaver ... [et al.]. 
WQ 400 D735 1988
Douglas-Stromme operative obstetrics. 
WQ 400 O613 1984
Operative perinatology : invasive obstetric techniques / editors, Leslie
Iffy, David Charles ; associate editors, Raymond F. Gasser ... [et al.]
WQ 440 A154 1981
Abortion and sterilization : medical and social aspects / edited by Jane
E. Hodgson. 
WS 125 L422b 1994
Breastfeeding : a guide for the medical profession / Ruth A. Lawrence.