Hi All

Is there an attribute in MODS date elements where you could specify the
date granularity?

Perhaps a 'granularity attribute' for each date element would be a good
idea like the OAI PMH Identify
granularity eg YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ

This way an application that uses MODS could save a value like

If the granularity attribute for this MODS date element was set to
'YYYY-MM' then the application 
would know that all it should display is 2007-02 and the rest is
irrelevant or unknown. Then the backend system
indexing the MODS XML (eg Fedora or an SQL database index) could save
the date in an acceptable date value eg '2007-02-01 00:00:00' is ok and
'2007-02' is
not acceptable in an SQL datetime field.

How do others handle this problem in MODS? I would prefer not to save
the granularity seperately in the application somewhere else, but
prefer to keep it in MODS if possible.

Thanks for your advice,
Christiaan Kortekaas

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