Dear PCC colleagues,
	I'm forwarding the message below from the JSC secretary.  I also want to add some background information.
	The document was written by Tom Delsey, the editor of RDA,  for the members of the JSC.  It will be used by the JSC members as they discuss the issues involved in the CONSER recommendations about changes to rules in AACR2.  Due to the holiday absences, business trips, etc., of various JSC members, it has not been possible yet to have full JSC discussions about those recommendations.  They will begin those discussions in the coming weeks.
	Although it is a document for discussion within the JSC, the JSC decided to post it publicly due to the interest in the issues involved.  No "constituency" response is expected.
			Judy Kuhagen

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An analysis of the proposed CONSER standard record vis a vis RDA has been 
mounted on the JSC Web site.

PDF file: 

Working documents page: 

Nathalie Schulz
Secretary, JSC
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