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> ALCTS presents forums at Midwinter in Seattle
> The Association for Library Collections & Technical Services
> (ALCTS), a division of the American Library Association (ALA),
> will present a series of forums at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in
> Seattle.  ALCTS Forums encourage open discussion of timely topics
> covering a broad range of ALCTS' interests from cataloging to
> collections to a celebration of our 50 years.
> "The Future of Cataloging and Basic Values" continues ALCTS' role
> as facilitator in the discussion prompted last spring by actions
> taken by the Library of Congress.  The forum is sponsored by the
> Cataloging and Classification Section and takes place Sunday,
> January 21, 8 - 10 a.m., Grand Hyatt, Princess Ballroom.
> The program focuses on the document "ALCTS and the Future of
> Bibliographic Control: Challenges, Actions and Values" (available
> at, which was produced in October 2006 by an
> ad hoc group headed by the Executive Committee of the Cataloging
> and Classification Section (CCS) of ALCTS, in response to a
> request by the ALCTS Executive Committee. The document includes a
> focus on seven statements of basic values or viewpoints, which
> may serve as starting points for considering changes in the
> policy and practice of cataloging and the nature of the catalog.
> Forum speakers will address these value statements during the
> program, which will be moderated by CCS Chair David Miller (Curry
> College). Speakers include: Casey Bisson (Plymouth State
> University), Ana Lupe Cristán (Library of Congress), Tamera
> Hanken (Tacoma Community College), Daniel Joudrey (Simmons
> College Graduate School of Library and Information Science); and
> Sally Smith (King County Library System), a member of the Public
> Library Association's Cataloging Needs of Public Libraries
> Committee and a delegate to the Library of Congress Working Group
> on the Future of Bibliographic Control.


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Vanderbilt University
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