At 10:23 PM 2007-02-19, Parker Dinkins wrote:
>on 2/19/07 8:43 AM US/Central, Karl Miller at [log in to unmask]
> >  I have several 32kHz DATs which sound distorted. They will not 
> play on at all
> > on my Panasonic machine, but do play (with distortion at peaks) 
> on my Tascam.
> > Is it possible that some other machine might play them without distortion?
>You need a 32kHz capable machine, in the proper 32kHz mode.
>AFAIK neither the SV3700 nor the SV3800 could play either of the two 32kHz
>modes. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong. (The 3700 has an
>easily fixable squeaky door problem, incidentally.)

Hi, Parker,

I just checked the SV-3800 manual and it will play back 32 kHz tapes 
as well as record tapes at 32 kHz FROM THE DIGITAL INPUT. This is 
linear PCM 32 kHz. As I said, I have two Sony consumer machines that 
play back their 32 kHz LP version which is different. In fact, that's 
probably the reason I maintain one of the two machines is to play that format.

I don't think the Panasonic machines have any sample rate conversion 
in them (unlike the later CD recorders such as the Sony CDR-W33) so 
when you play a 32 kHz tape, you get 32 kHz out of the digital 
spigots. That is why I suggested going through analog and then 
redigitizing at 44.1 or the sample rate of your choice.



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