At 09:51 AM 2007-02-08, Elliott Hancock wrote:
>The Jewel Sleeve mentioned in the link
>below looks interesting for those of us who have thousands of CDs to
>store.  It was recommended by someone who uses it for their radio
>archive.   The Folk Center Archivist is concerned about whether the
>material is acid free and safe for long term storage.   Anyone know
>about or use this product.

Hello, Elliott,

I have no hands-on experience with these, but their description says 
they are made of vinyl which is scary AND it appears that the vinyl 
touches both surfaces of the CD (both surfaces need to be protected). 
The standard jewel case and the STiL cases support the disc by the 
centre hub and do not permit anything to touch the surfaces of the 
disc (barring a shipment I once had where I'd swear that the CD in 
jewel case shared the shipping vehicle with a bunch of anvils over a 
dirt road).



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