At 11:22 AM 2007-02-08, Martin Fisher wrote:
>Hi Richard,
>Thanks for your comments.  I DO agree with you about the STiL case's 
>uses as you specify for CD-Rs.  Sorry for not making myself clearer.
>I've been trying to come up with a better alternative to the 
>standard Jewel Case for storing standard issue CDs and CDs that come 
>with magazines.  Some CDs that accompany periodicals (serial CDs we 
>call them) come in standard Jewel Cases but many others arrive in 
>flimsy paper or plastic envelopes or cardboard jackets.

Hello, Martin,

I do understand the challenges with storing a large number of CDs in 
their jewel cases.

As to cardboard sleeves, I find that my JB Engineering file cabinet 
accepts them in situ (as in the Joan Baez Vanguard reissues). I also 
have a shelving which is amazingly 
cost effective for the quality. I have two BC772 and one BC748 that I 
bought while in California and moved here.

JB Engineering
651 Barrington Ave Ste B
Ontario, CA , 91764-5115
Phone: 909-481-7877
FAX: 909-481-2544
Products Description: Manufactures office furniture; retails furniture

They don't seem to push the media cabinets, but they were wonderful. 
This MIGHT be a derivitive

I bought my cabinet in 1997 as Google reminded me <sigh>.



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