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>However, a future without record companies (or whatever their digital
>equivalent will turn out to be) also seems somewhat impractical. I can
>promote my two CD's on my web site (one of a hundred million or so
>sites)...but that requires the potential customers to have a reason
>to visit the site. Since the CD's are in a niche genre (blues)...what
>I would need to do is to mail out "promo" copies to every station
>(electromagnetic-wave radio AND net-based "radio") in hopes it will
>be heard and folks will like the music enough to do a web search for
>a source (or that the deejays will tell their listeners where
>to look...?!). As it is, the now-vanishing model has "record companies"
>mailing out promo copies...and, through a web of distributors, making
>their "product" available in both "record stores" and general-merchandise
>stores/chains that sell CD's. Note that as a relative unknown, I can't
>access this distribution web...!

Hello, Steven,

First of all, CD distribution may also be a thing of the past. People 
would download the tracks they want from your Web site and pay for them.

What I see happening is that music again become more local and 
participatory. Fortunately, we live in the Greater Toronto Area where 
there is no lack of wonderful musicians. Are you going to Winterfolk? 
I'm not as  I have a very local thing with good classical music 
happening at our local church here in Aurora.

I know several really good folksingers within an hour's drive of me.

While we can reach out via the Web, and we can send out promo copies, 
word of mouth and the friendly mix tape (one of the things DRM 
suppresses) go a long way to getting the word out. I can't recall 
many albums I have bought just by browsing -- and few of the browsing 
ones really satisfied.

Here's an example of someone I just found while working on 
Marie-Lynn's benefit ( ) which was a 
success: and she lives fifteen 
minutes from me. Due to the benefit, I got on several really good 
musician's mailing lists--in a genre that is my niche (blues isn't, 
sorry, but I don't blame you if folk isn't yours).



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