This came across on the Association of Moving Image archivists email 
list and I thought the ARSC and Ampex list members might be able to 
help out. I know there are Old-Time-Radio lists and while Firesign 
Theatre is not Old-Old-Time, it's getting on to forty years 
if there are other lists out there, please forward. This is a shame 
that this wasn't saved. I know we can't save everything, but...

For those unfamiliar with Firesign Theatre, I first heard them in 
1969 and found their humour and satire amazing--but I only know them 
through their released recordings.

Please keep copying Nan Rubin so she knows where the query is going.



>Date:         Thu, 8 Feb 2007 23:48:43 -0500
>From:         "Rubin, Nan" <[log in to unmask]>
>To:           [log in to unmask]
>Firesign collectors - got something in your collection that 
>Firesign's never officially released? Something taped off the radio, 
>captured from TV, or bootlegged from a live performance? Firesign is 
>embarking on a passel of CD reissues, featuring some long-buried 
>treasure from their archives, and unfortunately that archive has 
>holes. If you've got something we need, Chucko, there may be some 
>simoleons in it for ya. (No promises on how much.)
>We're especially looking for:
>*       Radio Free Oz airchecks
>*       Magic Mushroom radioplays
>*       The Les Crane Show, 1968
>*       Unedited Radio Hour Hour airchecks
>*       Unedited Dear Friends airchecks
>*       About a Week, 1971
>Got something? Tell us about it. Give as many details as you can, 
>including date, venue, channel, duration, your source media, how you 
>recorded it, and particularly if this is a dub or a master. Be sure 
>to include your name, email, and general geographic area.
>If you have audio, we'll probably be asking you for a sixty-second 
>MP3 sample; or if you have video we'll be asking for screenshots.
>* * * * *

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