Our brethren and sistren involved in preserving books and other 
printed matter have developed many fine products for archival repairs 
of books and other printed matter.

I have been using Scotch brand No. 845 Book Tape to mend the edges of 
LP sleeves for many years; I have had no trouble with deterioration over time.

I like the clear 845 Book Tape because it does not obliterate the 
text at the edges of the sleeve, but if that's not an issue, 
University Products offers both Tyvek and linen tapes that would also 
be useful for repairing record jackets.

The University Products catalog is a great resource for both repair 
and storage products:

One minor issue about using tape to repair record jackets: If you use 
tape on a lot of records, the thickness of the tape (always in the 
same places along the edges) can accumulate to reduce the total 
number of records you can store on a shelf.

John Ross

At  2/11/2007 04:54 PM, Graham Newton wrote:
>I keep coming across the old LP album jackets (typically early RCA 
>Victor LPM series ca. 1955 or thereabouts made from two pieces of 
>thin cardboard) that are split open in a flap and only held together 
>by the spine paper.
>These are the type where the printed back paper page was glued to 
>the back cardboard which it overlapped, then folded over and glued 
>to the front cardboard thus holding the two cardboard sheets 
>together.  The front cover illustration or graphic sheet was then 
>glued over the front cardboard and covered the folded edges of the back sheet.
>There is no edge room to use a bead of hot glue to fix these things, 
>and I don't want to use any sticky tape which will dry out and 
>eventually fall off as I have seen many do in the past!
>Years ago, in broadcasting, we used to use white surgical cloth 
>backed tape of the kind they used to hold bandages on, but I don't 
>know if you can still get that and certainly it would not be 
>cheap!  I still have albums that were fixed with that tape that hold 
>up well today, although a clear archival tape with similar long 
>lasting adhesive qualities would be good.
>Does anyone know of a suitable tape or means to fix these split album jackets?
>... Graham Newton
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