Peter (and others),

On a related note, some moldy acetate reels arrived here
in ziploc bags recently. (1/4" tape, on 7 and 10" plastic reels.)

Typically, and only as a temporary solution, i would keep
them sealed and insert a desiccant into the bag...until such
time as i was able to give them a proper cleaning. But, given
that you're advising against the use of desiccants with acetate
tape, i'm having second thoughts.



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> Barbara:
> Polyester-base audio tape, all video tape and optical discs can  
> benefit from
> being stored with desiccant if the temporary storage environment is  
> likely
> to experience high humidity.  These materials include moisture only  
> as a
> "contaminant" and do very well in extremely low humidity.
> Acetate-base audio tape and film should NOT, as a general rule, be  
> sealed
> with a desiccant as some moisture is necessary for their "well being".
> To tell acetate-base audio from polyester, simply hold the tape up  
> with some
> sort of light behind it.  If you can see light through the side of  
> the pack,
> the base is acetate.  If you can't see light, the tape base is  
> polyester.
> (note: be very careful doing this with pancakes- for obvious reasons.)
> Peter Brothers
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> Mike Richter wrote:
>> Language Archives wrote:
>>> I have to pack up my archive for storage in the University library
>>> while construction happens around my space. I was asked about the
>>> need to put (advisability of putting) desiccant in with the
>>> recordings. I don't know for certain how long they will be in
>>> boxes--we may unpack them for access on the other end, and while  
>>> they
>>> think construction will end in August, who knows!
>> I suspect that it will be important to know two things: what sort of
>> material (cylinders, 78s, lacquers, LPs, ??); what sort of storage
>> environment.
> Cylinders, lacquers, LPs, uncoated aluminum, wire, open reel (10-inch
> pancakes--I have been reading that thread with interest!--7-inch and
> 5-inch reels), cassettes, CDs, DVDs (also some video: film,  VHS and
> Beta, DV). I'm sure I missed something. These will be packed in boxes
> with like materials.
> As to the storage environment, I haven't seen it(!). If you have any
> suggestions about questions to ask, that would be helpful.
> Barbara