Richard is 100% right. And, unlike reels and disks and cassettes, it's hard to argue with any 
science behind you that you cannot get EXACTLY what is on a non-damaged DAT and put it on your hard 
drive, using a simple digital cable. If a DAT was recorded at 44.1K sampling rate, then the same can 
be said about a simple S/PDF or AES connection between a DAT machine and a CD recorder.

So I can't see any reason to make a big deal about "preserving" DATs. I CAN see making a huge deal 
about transferring DATs to other digital media ASAP since DAT mechanisms are no longer made and it 
is a fast-submerging format that is unlikely to be usable in a decade or two.

Bottom line -- any dollars you'd invest in "preserving" DATs is better invested in a 
managed-hard-drive storage system (managed = drives continually refreshed and several backups of 
every file, off-site backups preferable).

-- Tom Fine

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> At 02:43 PM 2007-02-17, Farris Wahbeh wrote:
>>Any suggestions on how to archival-ly house DAT tapes would be most helpful.
>>Are the plastic cases that they come with archival-ly sound? What are some boxes that can be used
>>to house the tapes? Has anyone come across a box that fits both DAT and CD's together?
>>I can't seem to find any in the Gaylord catalog.
> That's because they and the machines they play on are not archival. The only archival way of 
> storing a DAT tape IMHO is to transfer it to a digital repository or a gold phthalocyanine dye 
> CD-R, with the former method preferred. DATs are living on borrowed time. THey are far more 
> fragile than analog open reel and fewer machines were produced (I think) and few if any machines 
> are being made now...just like open reel in a much shorter timeframe.
> Cheers,
> Richard
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