RTI is also very active in LP manufacturing:

I own and very much enjoy a bunch of really great-sounding reissues on the Analogue Productions 
label. I think Analogue Productions now owns RTI.

Just for the record, there is no reason an LP should sound better than a CD except for bad CD 
mastering (or bad CD playback equipment on the user end -- many an audio buff I know has a 
multi-$$$$K record playback system and a $100 Wal-Mart special DVD/CD player and thinks he's 
comparing apples to apples). But, for instance in the case of AP, they have put out stunning LPs of 
a lot of the jazz owned by Fantasy that was remastered once for CD back in the early days of CD. 
Their engineers didn't do Really Bad Things like over-compressing or "putting their sonic signature" 
with aggressive EQ or digi-tools (which didn't even exist back when these remasters were done in the 
early and mid 80s). But the quality of the remastering chain was just not as good as one can do 
today so the CD's sound lifeless. In other cases, AP has reissued albums never available or no 
longer in print on CD. I have had no QC problems with RTI's output so far, unlike whomever Classic 
Records uses. For whatever reason, several Classic Records 200g LPs I've bought over the years have 
had to be returned due to manufacturing/QC problems like gouges and scuffs.

-- Tom Fine

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> Steve Ramm posted --
>>  NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Those dusty records in your parents' basement?
>>  They're not as retro as you might think. Many record collectors, DJs
>>  and music junkies still consider vinyl to be the gold standard of
>>  recorded music
> As it happens, earlier this month an original cast LP of THE DROWSY CHAPERONE, currently playing 
> on Broadway, was released in a limited edition.
> -- Jack Raymond