Tom Fine wrote:
> This guy is allegedly a "public servant." He should be fired and the 
> office put under very strict oversight, with the executive budget cut to 
> the bone. Someone wanting to get rich and live like a CEO doesn't belong 
> in charge of the Smithsonian, or the LOC or any other government 
> institution. Such jobs are not for those in it for the rich and famous 
> living large life.
> No wonder so much audio material in the hands of the Smithsonian will 
> never be conveniently available to the public (public = owners and 
> funders of said museum). Disgraceful!
> -- Tom Fine

Bah, humbug.

$90K over 5 years -> $18K / year -> ~2% of his compensation, $900K/year 
according to that article.

I grant that waste of that sort should be stopped, but the greater 'sin' 
would appear to be his compesnation, not his expense account.

The argument will surely be that he is executive officer of an 
institution with X employees managing Y megabucks per year and that a 
million dollars a year is appropriate under those circumstances given 
corresponding salaries in industry.

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