Bob Olhsson wrote:

> MP3 defines a standard decoder however there is no standard encoder. I doubt that there are even any "open source" encoders that don't also infringe many patents. As I said, this lawsuit is only the tip of an iceberg as companies move from fleecing investors with IPOs to actually trying to earn a living from their day to day operations.

LAME makes clear that it is *not* an MP3 encoder but that it produces 
compatible files in a comparable format. Apparently that was sufficient 
to defeat the Fraunhofer Institute's claim of patent infringement.

The decoder is 'standard' in that the algorithm is in the public domain. 
Its implementation can (and does) vary, often with disappointing 
results. At one time, WinAmp used an implementation which attempted to 
extend the high-frequency response; its amplification of artifacts made 
it short-lived.

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