One more thought...

Every time I read about athletes signing contracts, or CEO's salaries
and/or severances, there are usually 8-figure amounts mentioned.

So...just to alleviate my insatiable curiosity...wotinell does one SPEND
$##.000.000.00 on?!?!

I calculate that I am about 2,950,000 discs short of Lennick's famed goal
of "EFREM!" That means that if my cheque was $14,475,000.00 I'd have
five bucks to spend on each missing disc. While there are some that are
valued at MORE than $5...there are many (probably most of 'em) that
are worth, and could be had for, much LESS than $5...even "Get the
dommed things outa here...I'll even pay ya to take 'em!"

And if my cheque were a flat 15 mill...I'd have $525,000.00 to spend
on beer. That calculates to be $1,438,36/day. If I bought the really
expensive stuff at $40/two-four, that'd be 48 cases per day...and I
don't think my liver could handle that!

In fact, I could put the $525,000 into renovating my house, and buying
up the proto-suburban disasters next door...I'd probably be two or
three hundred thou short, but with that knid of money the banks would
be falling over themselves trying to loan me money (definition: The
only time a bank will loan someone money is if they don't NEED it...)!

Then, the next year, I'd make another fourteen-point-whatever mill...
and be right back where I started, but with no real need of the $$$!

Hey, even if I was spending a grand a day on pure uncut "coke"...
I'd have $14,635,000.00 left at the end of the year...!

The mind boggles...

Steven C. Barr