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>   It is very difficult for me when I see something that looks clearly to me
like a misuse of donated money. What does one do? Do you stop donating and
encourage others to do so? I guess it comes down to the notion of whether or not
you trust the trustees and their motivations...and perhaps their priorities.
Well...MY opinion is (possibly not extensively shared) that we, as
a society, need archives of some description to preserve as much
as possible of the entities that make, or made, up our "popular
culture" well as the historic documents that more or less
exemplify the details of our society's history.

Of course, given my personal tendency to overdo "pack-rat-ism,"
I'd probably support the preservation of at least one of any
identifiable entity (book, film, sound recording, document,
computer/digital file, usw.) on the assumption that SOMEone,
SOMEwhere, SOMEwhen would eventually want/need to access same.

However, I consider my "collection" of forty-thousand-odd (some
VERY odd!) 78rpm records to be a worthwhile lifetime accomplishment,
and will probably buy more if/when I can afford to. OTOH, most of
the populace would much rather have an expensive 400HP auto, or
their own example of urban sprawl out on the outskirts of town...

Which proves something, but I'm not sure what...

Steven C. Barr