Good work on many of the Blue Note reissues. The Van Gelder editions are over-compressed and 
"super-loud" mastered too much for my liking, but mucho kudos to your company for putting so much 
material on the market in good old reliable CD format with nice booklets. I wish you owned the jazz 
library that a certain mega-glomerate owns and keeps mostly locked in vaults or parcels out 
occasional reissues in awful iTunes format.

Oh and congratulations on Nora Jones!

-- Tom Fine

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As the Director of Archives I oversee the collection, cataloging, and
storage of all Creative assets (Audio/Video/Film/Photo/Artwork) for EMI
in the US. I don't deal with any legal, accounting, or contractual
paperwork as that is stored in paper vaults under someone else's careful

I do have metal parts, 16" transcription discs, 78's LP's, ect. as well
as analog tape, digital tape, cd's, dvd's, and most other media storage
formats. I also keep session notes, recording logs, release books, etc.

If it came out in the US with EMI/Capitol/Virgin/Blue Note (or any other
subsidiary label) then technically I should have the masters and 2
copies of the finished product.

The job keeps me pretty busy, which is why I lurk more then I post in
this forum.

Don Andes
Director of Archives
EMI Music

P.S. I don't do the suing.....Legal Affairs gets that job.

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Steven C. Barr(x) wrote:
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>> Don Andes
>> Director of Archives
>> EMI Music
> Your signature caught my eye! Are these archives of masters/metal
> parts, archived recording ledgers, or some completely different form
of "archive?"
> Steven C. Barr
Or is this the guy who's going to sue me for transferring 51-year-old
Capitols for offshore CD reissues? I know NUSSING........


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